Cosmetic/Daily chemical product

R & D and manufacturing base

Innovate and develop based on consumer needs

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R & D New Products

Innovative cooperation with universities and research institutes such as Jiangnan University

Rainbow trichromatic net through discharge makeup fluid


Three Companies Industry Layout

Focus on R&D and production of cosmetics/daily chemicals

65500 + m2
Guangzhou C-KANG Biotechnology Co. LTD
23000 + m2
Guangzhou Kangyu Biotechnology Co. LTD
133400 + m2
Jiangsu Huaian Xin Lekang Daily Chemical Co. LTD
23 +
23 global well-known companies cooperate

C-KANG COSMETICIS is located in the flower capital with the reputation of "the capital of cosmetics",mainly engaged in technical research and development, product development, brand design, production and sales and service consulting of cosmetics and daily chemicals,obtained ISO22716, GMPC, FDA, Disney qualification, SMETA 6.1 and other certifications, and has independent research and development centers and test centers.The main product range covers hundreds of categories such as "personal skin care, washing and washing, oral care, make-up, perfume, disinfection", etc., and the service network is dotted all over the provinces and cities in the country and overseas markets.The brands currently cooperating include Unilever,Disney,British BAYLIS&HARDING,YeeHoO,OMO,White Cat,Yihai Kerry,HomeFacial Pro,Avon, Xiaoxi,etc.

4 Core Advantages

Committed to becoming a leader in the international cosmetics industry

  • Raw Material Advantage
  • R&D Advantage
  • Technical Advantages
  • Production Advantage

Raw Material Advantage

Raw material advantage:Long-term cooperation with well-known raw material suppliers such as the United States, France, Japan, South Africa, and the Netherlands, and strict inspection of the suppliers' five certificates and raw material quality inspection reports to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials.

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R&D Advantage

It has an independent R&D center and test center, a strong R&D team and perfect R&D facilities. Master high-tech biochemical technology, nanotechnology, liquid crystal microemulsification and other technologies.

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Technical Advantages

It has reached technical cooperation with Jiangnan University, Guangdong University of Technology, and China Cosmetics Research Center, and established the "Daily Chemical Research and Test Center" and "Applied Technology Research Center" to form a joint development laboratory.

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Production Advantage

It has 90,000 square meters of GMPC standard production base, 11 100,000-level GMP standard workshops, and 200 acres of intelligent manufacturing base that integrates automation, intelligence, digitization, and information into an integration.

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Cooperative Partner

IDisney, Liby, HomeFacial Pro and other well-known companies have long-term cooperation

Cooperation Model

Provide professional OEM/ODM services for customers

Raw Material Processing

Provided by the brand or specified raw materials, C-KANG provides a full range of integrated services of design analysis, manufacturing, and quality control.

ODM Service

Brands provide trademarks, and C-KANG provides full service of integrated R&D design, product planning, manufacturing, and quality control.

OEM Service

C-KANG provides the full range of integrated services of market analysis, R&D design, product planning, manufacturing, and quality control.

Value-added Services

C-kang has long-term cooperation with world-renowned companies and has accumulated rich experience in quality control and operation, and can provide professional value-added services according to customer needs.

News Information

Committed to becoming a pioneer in the international cosmetics industry

06 2021-03

Enterprise| CiKang cosmetics jiangnan university joint laboratory with large movements

After more than a month, the Jiangnan University-Cikang Cosmetics Joint Laboratory was officially launched, and the cooperation with the colleges has also been revealed.

27 2021-01

Enterprise| Joint laboratory opening ceremony was successfully held

慈康妆品慈康妆品致力建设化妆品OEM/ODM产学研一体化模式,今日与江南大学强强联手,建立联合实验室,慈康妆品加油视频号????慈康妆品“10年前,技术的快速成长满足了产品基本需求和功能性需求,而现在过渡到要从视觉需求满足消费者,这偏偏是技术产品的缺陷。”因此,慈康妆品在“产”这个领域实现了全面布局后,开始与一些重点高校及研究院开展进一步的合作,完成“产·学·研一体化模式”。揭牌仪式2022-10-01,“江南大学 - 慈康妆品联合实验室”揭牌仪式在广州慈康生物科技有限公司的研究开发中心成功举行,江南大学原副校长王武副校长、江南大学化学与材料工程学院潘庆伟书记、江南大学化学与材料工程学院东为富院长、江南大学化妆品创新中心杨成主任、广东省江南大学校友会会长、广州博创股份朱康健

01 2020-12

Enterprise| Provincial key laboratory standards. C-Kang cosmetics new R&D center officially launched.

On November 20, 2020, Cikang Cosmetics held a launch ceremony with the theme of "Momentum-gaining, innovation and win-win".

18 2020-11

Enterprise| 2020 C-Kang Cosmetics First Autumn Sports Meeting

In order to further enrich the spare-time cultural and sports life of the company’s employees, show the spirit of the employees, and create a healthy, progressive, united and harmonious atmosphere,

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